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Launching the Second Quantum Revolution

Quantum mechanics is one of the greatest intellectual achievements of the physical sciences, and its deep understanding is essential in meeting important scientific and technological challenges of the 21st century. Exploration of the quantum world promises dramatic advances in information and physical sciences and CQCS is at the forefront.

The Perfect Home for Quantum Coherent Science

UC Berkeley’s Department of Physics, recognized as a world leader in quantum research, is an ideal place for the center. CQCS is interna­tional in scope and welcomes the participation of all interested researchers-including students and young investigators as well as senior scientists from across the Berkeley campus and across the world.

The CQCS Executive Board is made up of award-winning Berkeley faculty with world-renowned expertise in this arena. Membership in CQCS is open to all faculty, students, and interested scientists across campus and around the world.

Working to Understand the Quantum World

The quantum world is a place where a single atom or even a macroscopic object can exist in several conditions at once (superposition). It’s a domain where two or more particles can exist in a quantum state known as entanglement-so tightly associated that a change to one particle instanta­neously effects the other, even if they are separated by distances that would require communication faster than the speed of light. This fragile quantum coherence, the ability to sustain these exotic states, disappears when observed.

Collectively, the study of these various phenomena within quantum mechanics has produced many of the contemporary technologies that are ubiquitous in our daily lives. These innovations include transistors, lasers, computers, light emitting diodes, superconductors, photovoltaics, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines, to name a few. Although each new discovery has progressively expanded our fundamental knowledge of quantum phenomena, the ultimate implications are far from understood.

The Center for Quantum Coherent Science (CQCS) seeks to enhance that understanding by providing an expansive new forum for investigating the theoretical and technological aspects associated with harnessing quantum coherence. The potential for new breakthroughs is immense, ranging from quantum computers that can solve problems far beyond the reach of current classical systems, to flawless security and detector technologies with unparalleled sensitivity.


Student participation is an important facet

“We want our students and postdocs to be connected at the same breadth that we are as professors,” says CQCS Director Dan Stamper-Kurn. “I want my students to hear about all of these topics, become familiar with research in all these areas, know the practitioners, hear the talks, and be part  of the conversation.”

‘It’s only in the context of an interdisciplinary, quantum-focused center like this where can really make progress and move forward.’

Birgitta Whaley, Berkeley Chemistry Professor & CQCS Executive Board Member




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